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You have stumbled across my little corner of the Internet. Contained in this site are the ramblings of a serious techaholic. If it plugs in or has batteries, I probably have one. I have made remarkable discoveries over the years by learning from other people. I think it is high time that I share.

10,000 foot view.
For me, technology is a labor of love. Every since I can remember I have wanted to know what makes things work and how to better utilize them. This life-long passion has served me well and I wish to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the last 3 decades.

Yes, I am that old. I remember:

When 5k of RAM was all I would ever need. Can you say VIC=20?

My first 20MB hard drive. Unbelievable amount of space!

My first 386 which cost over $1000 for the motherboard, processor and RAM.

You get the idea. Welcome and I hope you gain some useful information from this site.

Highlighted Project

Search for the Perfect Laptop.
My trusty Lenovo ThinkPad x200s is about to be replaced with a x300.  Why?  Bigger screen, better balance, less heat all add up to a real winner from Lenovo.  Available for as low as $500 on eBay, this is one nice travel companion...