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10-27-11 Website Attempt #???
I'm trying it again.  Anyone who thinks web development is easy has never done it or at least with any quality in mind.   I have lost count how many times I have started this web site only to give up because the software to do it was too frustrating.  I have longed for the day that I could focus on creativity without becoming a Java or PHP developer.  Time will tell but I think I have finally found a piece of software that allows me creativity without excessive training.  What software you ask, well, I am using SharePoint Designer because it is free with my TechNet subscription and is very similar to Expression Web.  I have used Expression Web in the past and learn more about it each time I try.
10-17-11 Finishing Up Home Theater Details
The ceiling and touch up painting are all that is left for Home Theater completion.  Years in the making, the home theater is finally ready for the grand opening.  What made the final lap towards the destination possible?  The Epson 8350 projector and my girlfriend Melanie's assistance and encouragement.  I took lots of photos and will be doing a write up here soon on the entire project.