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Whole House Audio

I've always wanted to listen to my entire music collection anywhere in my house.  I have finally achieved that by a very simple method.  I will explain further in the following paragraphs.  It might look like I'm an Apple fanboy but nothing could be further from the truth.  The only Macintosh I have ever owned in my life was a SE/30, early 90's vintage for those that aren't familiar with that model number.  Since then I struggle with why Apple people don't want to call their computers PC's.  What are they, IC's impersonal computers?



Love it or hate it, iTunes can do some pretty cool stuff for free. It and the remote app on any iDevice makes this a very simple and elegant solution with a tight budget in mind.

Apple Airport Express

These little gems can be had for as little as $50 on eBay.  They draw little power and have a digital output as an added bonus.  Simply plug these in and install the AirTunes software, downloadable from  Set them up as a music server and configure them for your wireless network and your done.

itunesRemote App
Turn on your favorite iDevice, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and download Remote from the App Store.  Fire up the PC that has iTunes on it.  Yes, Apple faithful, this works for you to.  Start the Remote app on your portable and select Add an iTunes library.  A 4 digit code will appear on your screen.  Your iDevice will show up on the left hand side in iTunes.  Select that and type in the 4 digit number.  That's it, your device is ready to control iTunes.
Amplifier and Speakers
Now, you can connect the Airport Express to any amplifier and speakers to hear and control the music.  Simply start to play a song or playlist on the iDevice and in the bottom right hand corner there is a box with a triangle in it. Select that and then select the name of the Airport Express you configured above.  Adjust the volume and you are good to go.

Total Cost
Airport Express $50
Amplifier Already had
Speakers Already had
iPod Touch Already had